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Mercury "Fish Camp" Outboards And Demo Outboards
4 Stroke Outboards, All with warranty .
AFA Marine Telephone Number 727-538-5058

Mercury "Fish Camp" Outboards are motors that were leased to fishing and boating resorts throughout Canada. All motors (under 60 hp) were maintained, and used exclusively in freshwater. These engines were used for one season then returned to the Mercury dealer/distributor. Upon being put back up for sale, these engines were thoroughly inspected. Anything that needed repair/replacing was taken care of. Since 2001 we have sold over 2000 of these motors and our customers have been overwhelmingly pleased with the condition of these outboards. We have had many testimonials claiming that these motors are as pristine as brand new engines. They come in the original Mercury Outboard box. While these are used motors and may show some signs of usage, these are not beat-up, severely scratched, or abused. If they don't pass inspection they are not re-sold. These engines provide a viable alternative to purchasing a new engine and carry a warranty. All new and used outboard motors on this page come directly from our supplier in Canada. *You are ordering directly from our canadian supplier.

Used Mercury Outboards
Fish Camp Motors Used One Season with warranty.

2016 Used Fish Camp Mercury Outboards
727-538-5058 OR 727-244-4262


-- 2016 150hp Mercury Optimax ................$7495.00
ONLY 150 hours! 25" Shaft.

-- 2017 60hp Mercury 4-Stroke Command Thrust ................$4995.00
ONLY 150 hours! 20" Shaft.
.-- 0" hour demo 60hp Mercury 4-Stroke..............4995.00
20" Shaft.

Tiller Handle, Manual Start, Long Shaft

-- 2018 30hp 4 Stroke Long Shaft TILLER................$2445.00
Warranty until Spring 2020. Shipping is $200 +$30 residential




-- 2016 20hp 4 Stroke Short or Long Shaft................$1985.00
60 day Warranty Shipping is $200 +$30 residential
-- 2018 20hp EFI 4 Stroke Short or Long Shaft................$2025.00
Warranty until Spring 2020. Shipping is $200 +$30 residential


-- 2017 20hp EFI 4 Stroke Electric Start Short Shaft..........Sold Out
Warranty until Spring 2019. Shipping is $200 +$30 residential


-- -- 2016 15hp 4 Stroke Short Shaft................$1725.00
60 Day Warranty. shipping is $200 +$30 residential

2018 15hp 4 Stroke Short Shaft................$1775.00
Warranty until Spring 2020. shipping is $200 +$30 residential


-- 2016 9.9hp 4 Stroke Short & Long Shaft................$1495.00
Warranty until Spring 2019. Shipping is $200 +$30 residential

-- 2018 9.9hp Stroke Short & Long Shaft................$1549.00

Warranty until Spring 2020. Shipping is $200 +$30 residential

-- 2017 5hp 4 Stroke Short Shaft................Currently Sold Out
4hp Mercury Fish Camp ($150.00 +$30 residential)

-- 2015 4hp 4 Stroke Short Shaft...............Currently Sold Out
4hp Mercury Fish Camp ($150.00 +$30 residential)



Shipping Prices:

4hp, 5hp, and 6hp Mercury Fish Camp ($150.00 +$30 residential)
8hp-30hp Mercury Fish Camp ($200 +$30 residential)


727-538-5058 OR 727-244-4262

*All New and Used Mercury motors come directly from a Mercury Dealer in Canada. Since you will be ordering from our supplier in Canada directly, your credit card company or bank may charge you a $50.00-100.00 Foreign Fee. Please confirm this with your bank. This charge is not coming from us. All used motors are in excellent condition and provide a viable alternative to purchasing new. We have a limited supply of each motor.



Lets Trade......We Will Take Trade Motors No Matter Where You Are Located

Warranties are provided by Mercury Marine or Associate Dealers, not AFA Marine, INC.
Credit Card Accepted on These Motors
( while supplies last.)

Lets Trade......We Will Take Trade Motors No Matter Where You Are Located We Will Consider All Types of Motors And if The Value Of Yours is More than Ours We Will Compensate $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$

WE SHIP.........

AFA Marine Telephone Number 727-538-5058

2016 Mercury 60 hp ELPT

60 hp Mercury

60hp ELPT BF 2014 Mercury 4-Stroke



AFA Marine Telephone Number 727-538-5058



Visual Representation of Mercury "Fish Camp" Outboards!
With Past Customer Testimonials.

These Mercury Outboards engines are in excellent condition. They are like purchasing brand new motors at a discounted price. Shipping in Canada and The USA.

Visual Sample of Motors

Bought a "fish camp" mercury outboard in about 2004 it looked and ran brand new when I got it. Live in New Orleans and about a year later Katrina happened the outboard was completely under water in salt water for a couple days, I though the motor would be ruined; I was surprised with the durability of this motor after Katrina the motor still looked brand new, instead of getting rid of the motor I decided to try and fix it I cleaned it up and within about a week I had my mercury back, and starts right up with no problems only smokes a little when started, but still running good has not let me down in the 5 years I have had it. I would recommend ya’ll to anyone looking for a reliable, cheap used outboard

Sean Salassi
New Orleans, LA 2004.

2009 Mercury 15 hp 4 stroke Fish Camp Sold To Local Customer.
This is an actual representation of what the engines look like

The 15 HP Mercury Fish Camp Program outboard arrived yesterday. My sons and I carted it home, unpacked and inspected the engine, and are astonished at its sterling condition. It is truly in "mint" condition just as you advertised, is certainly worth every dime of the price quoted, and shows virtually no signs of use or wear whatsoever. My thanks for your time and advice in purchasing this motor. We look forward to weekend fishing in the Barnett Reservoir with this 99% new small outboard behind us.

Jack Lacy, MS


"Hi Al, I got a chance to take out the mercury 9.9 hp fish camp motor last weekend. I am really impressed with the mint condition and the pep it has. It made the 14'jon-boat cruise at a pace that got me there to the fishing hole quick. I thank you and it was a pleasure doing business with you! I highly recommend A.F.A."

Dave Lippold
Kankakee, IL

I would like to thank the folks at AFA for supplying me with my 2003 Mercury 4 stroke. The transaction was smooth and on time. My Mercury is on and running great
Ed Duke
Concord, NC

Picked up a "fish camp" 2004- 25HP ML Mercury Outboard from AFA Marine on Dec. 20, 2005
Checked it out completely on Christmas day '05 in my back yard ( Florida's Banana River).
It fulfilled my expectations in both performance and appearance. I'd like to join the list of AFA Marine testimonials
and kudos to Albert on a well organized website.
Peter Gelzinis
Merritt Island, FL

I received my fish camp motor a couple weeks ago and put it on my inflatable this past weekend. Once I primed it and figured out the details on starting, it started on the first pull. Obtaining a quality motor was just the end result in a long search for me. The web site was a great source of information for me to learn what I needed. Your staff was wonderful in answering all my questions before and after the purchase.

This will be the first place I go if I ever need another motor.
Thanks Again!!!

Scott Stephens, TX
2004 15 hp Mercury Outboard

I just wanted to reiterate my satisfaction with the 25hp fish camp motor I purchased from you, it's basically a new motor, as clean as any showroom motor I've seen or purchased. Your prompt, pleasant, and knowledgable assistance is a rare commodity now a days and greatly appreciated. I have your website on my favorites list... just in case anyone asks about buying an outboard I'll know where to sent them.

Many Thanks,
Ken Thibeault

I just got my 2008 20hp 4 stroke (fish camp) today and put it on my boat. The motor runs good and is really quiet the motor was just like new. It started on the first pull and it was just as you described... Anyone who needs a outboard i'm going to send them your way.

Thanks Jos

2005 Optimax 200 hp

2008 115hp Optimax $4995.00


Lets Trade......We Will Take Trade Motors No Matter Where You Are Located We Will Consider All Types of Motors And if The Value Of Yours is More than Ours We Will Compensate $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$

WE SHIP.........

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