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We at AFA Marine, INC. fully understand the fear of purchasing a high ticket item over the internet. Unfortunately the fraudulent activities of scam artists have placed a dark cloud over the notion of internet purchases. We have heard horror stories about consumers getting ripped off when sending money over the internet. The majority of the these consumers were ripped off after winning internet auctions. We feel that it is in the best interest of our prospective buyers to get to know AFA Marine, INC. We want your business, we want to earn your trust and respect, and most importantly we want to make you apart of our growing positive customer base. We pride ourselves on delivering what we describe to our consumers.

So with all of this being said you have been looking at our site for months, or this is your first time here, you see the motor that fits your criteria........you are ready to make the purchase but you are having second thoughts. You are in California, Texas, Oregon, or Hawaii where ever!! Here is what we want you to do. Call us 727-244-4262. Ask to speak with Albert Ariotti, president of AFA Marine. Ask as many questions as you wish. Get to know us....we are very confident that after speaking with us you will feel very secure about purchasing a motor from us. Of course you are always welcome to email us and you may ask us what ever questions you wish.

We have been on the internet since early 2001 at https://www.smalloutboards.com . We have done our best to please every customer who has purchased a motor from us which is over 5000+ and growing! We love the fact the we have the ability to serve the boating community. If you are in the Tampa area we welcome you to stop in and see our current stock. Our warehouse is in St. Petersburg, Please call 727-244-4262 prior to visiting us as we often do mobile service.

In summary we understand the reservations you may have. We understand you work very hard for your money and it is in your best interest to get exactly what you paid for. If you have an interest in one of our motors give us a call 727-244-4262 feel us out, we really do enjoy engaging in conversations with our consumers. We don't mind opinions, advice, suggestions, comments, propositions, deals, or inquiries. You are free to ask us any questions you wish we will entertain any topic and make it our goal to answer with the highest level of integrity, dignity, and knowledge.

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