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Each used boat motor for sale on www.smalloutboards.com web site is in running condition as described in the descriptions. Before an outboard is put for sale, a series of running tests are performed:

1) At the time of acceptance the motor is placed into a test tank in which running condition must be achieved. During these tests the motor is checked out for: idle speeds, gear shifting, high speed sustained, water pump, over heating, ease of start, ease of restart, amount of pulls required to start, misses, pick up, strength of rev, and other obvious signs.

2) After the motor passes through the tank test, the motor is tested out on a 9ft. Inflatable or 12 ft fiberglass skiff on Lake Seminole in Largo FL. The motor is run at all speeds and must perform to expectations.

3) If any of the motors do not perform to expectations then they are repaired or sold wholesale to those willing to make necessary repairs.

4) Motors are also given a compression test.

5)Are we perfect? No, but we do strive to be on your side. If we send you a motor and it needs work or is not running correctly call us back immediately and we will work with you to get it right. We are not in business to have disappointed customers. We are successful at what we do because we go the extra mile necessary to ensure an honest deal. It is impossible to give a 100% guarantee on each used outboard motor. Like buying anything used there are always a chance of something needing to be serviced. We try to make sure that the motor has been thoroughly tested and that it passes all of our tests. Chances are very high that if a motor does not show signs of needed maintenance during our performance tests, it will meet the expectations of your needs.

6) As a consumer I am very diligent when I make purchases on items such as outboard motors. I know that many people who want to buy a motor from www.smalloutboards.com are the same way. I make sure that before I sell a motor it must be something I would buy myself. I test each motor to the best of my abilities and look for any signs of imperfection. If you have any questions regarding a particular motor please call www.smalloutboards.com at . I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


President of www.smalloutboards.com.
A.F.A. Marine

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