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4 hp Johnson Long Shaft 20" Outboard Boat Motor For Sale
2- Stroke only 38lbs! Runs Excellent, Neutral Gear, 2 cylinders!

This is a 4 hp Johnson 20" Long Shaft Outboard Motor that runs great. This engine has only been used in freshwater. This motor has plenty of power to push a sailboat or to use as a kicker on your fishing boat. This 4hp Johnson Outboard is a 2-stroke, 2 cylinder, Forward-Neutral Clutch with great compression. We have tested this engine and it runs, cools, and shifts into gear great. Very popular outboard engine since they are light, easy to repair and find parts for, and very powerful. Please review each photograph to get a visual description of motor condition. Perfect trolling motor, kicker, fishing engine, back-up engine, sail boat motor, canoe outboard, skiff outboard, jon boat outboard, inflatable outboard, or any other water craft that requires a portable Outboard Motor.

Most 3.0, 3.3, 3.5, 4, 5, and some 6 hp Outboard Motors now are 1 cylinder and some don't even include a neutral gear. This motor has 2 cylinders, weighs the same, and delivers the power of some 5 hp engines. The big deal about 2 cylinder outboards is that you get a much smoother running engine that trolls and runs like a dream. The engine will have less vibrations and less of a work load because it will have two cylinders producing thrust rather than one doing all the work. You will be amazed at how powerful this motor is and how fast it will push your boat.

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