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Terms of Sale
Updated June 15th, 2008
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Mission Statement:

We are outboard motor enthusiasts who enjoy providing value-added services and products as well as developing relationships with our customers and business associates.

Quality Control:

Thank you for considering AFA Marine a source for your outboard motors. We are proud to have over 3000 (and growing!) satisfied customers. We feel this is because of our sincerity and commitment to customer satisfaction. We are a proud to be involved in the sale of good quality used outboard motors and marine products. We test our outboard motors to the best of our ability and try to scrutinized each motor with our customers best intentions. Although we test each motor out, we do not service, repair, or prep motors unless we specify. We feel that each motor we sell should be fully prepped or serviced by the purchaser prior to usage whether the motor needs it or not. We feel that it is in the best interest of our customers, you, to take the motor to your nearest dealer and have them tune and prepare the motor for your first usage to ensure maximum utility. We require all of our customers to replace the lower unit lubrication (oil) before they operate our motors. We expect our customers to understand that used motors do have a usage history prior to our possesion.

We describe our motors to the best of our abilities. We make sure that each motor passes our tests which can include compression, barrel tests, and boat tests when possible. We do not sell any motor that we are aware of having mechanical problems and we are not responsible for problems overlooked or that develop after our tests. When our motors pass our examinations we feel that they are ready for the market. We make it an objective to describe and show the motor with detail in our descriptions and photographs. We assume that our customers realize these are used items and we do not provide any warranty or guarantee unless stated and we do not except returns. We feel that as long as the motor passes our compression, barrel, and when possible boat tests, they are suitable for the market. When owning a used outboard motor we feel our customers should understand that motors have wearable items, require routine service, and must be properly maintained. We are not responsible for service or repair as a result of negligence.


For smaller outboards under 150lbs we pallatize the engines and ship them freight carrier. Larger outboards we place them in a shipping crate. We feel that our shipping prices are some of the best in the business. In fact on 90% of our shipments we end up eating some part of the cost. WE DO NOT MAKE MONEY ON OUR SHIPPING.

We ship via freight, Fed Ex, UPS, and other carriers. We take out insurance for the value of the motor to cover the costs of any damages or loss related to shipping. We are not responsible for shipping damages or loss of merchandise. All shipping claims are to be filed by the purchaser and are the responsibility of the purchaser. We will not refund or reimburse any expenses related to shipping damages or loss. We are not responsible for late shipments. We ship our motors as soon as possible after the announcement of the order. We do not make any guarantees as to when the motor will arrive at the destination after the shipping company has received the package. We are not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of late shipments or missed deadlines. We do take responsibility for not being able to get a motor ready for shipping on time. We will work with our customers to resolve this in a fashion that is favorable to them. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

It is the customer's responsibility to keep the original box and packaging after the motor has been shipped in order to file a claim. Most shipping companies require the original box and packaging when assessing damage related to shipping.

Operating the Outboard:

Here are a few guidelines you must follow before using this motor:

1. Make sure that motor is properly in the water before starting. NEVER START MOTOR OUTSIDE OF WATER.
2. Make sure that the motor has the proper oil/gas mixture. NEVER RUN OUTBOARD WITHOUT PROPER OIL.
3. Make sure that the outboard is properly clamped to the transom of the boat.
4. Make sure that water is coming out of the tell-tale exit hole or out of the exhaust port. Some outboards require the engine to heat up to a certain temperature before circulating water. NEVER OPERATE A MOTOR FOR MORE THAN A FEW MINUTES IF THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF WATER CIRCULATION.
5. Make sure that the kill switch is in its proper position before starting motor
6. Make sure that prop is securely attached to the shaft. Examine pin.
8. Make sure that flush the motor out with freshwater and run the gas out of the motor after each usage.
9. Follow any other standard guidelines for operating and maintaining an outboard. Be knowledgeable prior to usage to ensure proper usage


AFA Marine, INC. does not provide any warranties on any used motor unless stated in the description. When purchasing a used outboard motor through AFA Marine, INC or any other vendor there is an inherent risk that the motor may have a mechanical issue at any given time. We do our best to check out each engine but we are at the mercy of the used product that is being sold. If warranties are a major consideration for you when purchasing an outboard, we suggest going new rather than used. If AFA Marine, INC. accepts a return we will refund the amount agreed not the shipping charges. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Warranties from the Mercury Fish Camp engines are provided by Mercury Marine directly. Warranties from Briggs and Stratton are provided by the Manufacturer directly. Warranties do not include coverage for operator error, negligence, or accidental damage. All warranty motors are assumed to have no lower unit oil or engine oil ( 4 Stroke) upon arrival. It is the customers responsibility to check and service these fluids prior to use.

Returns or Repair Credits:

AFA Marine, INC. will not, under any circumstances provide a return or repair credit to any motor without a warranty after 20 days of receiving possession regardless of usage or no usage. Please inspect, test, and run the outboard received from us within 20 days of delivery. Each motor that is returned may be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Liabilities and Risks:

AFA Marine and it's owners are not liable for any risks involved in the operating, maintaining, owning, transporting, buying, selling, trading, or modifying this outboard motor. AFA Marine and it's owners will not be liable if any incidences occur from using or owning this outboard such as: Death, Injury, loss of property, stranded, expenses related to this outboard, repairs needed, repairs attempted, incorrect repairs/modifications, theft history of outboard (prior to our purchase), consequences of purchasing this outboard, shipping damages, damage to vessel housing or transporting this outboard, damage to watercraft vessel, damage to other watercraft (besides your own), loss of employment as a result of outboard, loss of marriage or personal relationships, loss of boating equipment, injury, death, or damage caused by gasoline, injury, death or damage caused by combustion or spark. Injury, death or damage caused by prop, and any other risks or incidences involved with this outboard. Outboard motors are very dangerous if not used with the highest level of caution. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

All outboards or products sold by AFA Marine and it's owners are sold as is with no implied or expressed warranties or guarantees unless stated. AFA Marine and it's owners acquires or purchases outboard motor through legal and lawful means. AFA Marine or Albert Ariotti is not responsible for incorrectly advertising year or model make. We provide pictures and serial numbers and relay year models, hours, and history, based on information we received from who we purchase motors through. We except no returns on behalf of consumer mistakes or interpretations of our descriptions.

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