Specializing in small (kicker / portable), new and used outboard boat motors.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Ordering an Outboard Motor:

Ordering a Mercury Fish Camp or NEW Mercury Outboard.
If you are interested in ordering a Mercury Fish Camp Outboard or a New Mercury outboard please call us at 727-244-4262 or email us your telephone number at admin@smalloutboards.com. If you have questions regarding shipping, time of delivery, and details about the Mercury Fish Camp outboards click here. Or email us at admin@smalloutboards.com

Ordering an In stock Motor ( Motors with individual photos and descriptions): Our website http://www.smalloutboards.com has our current inventory. If you are interested in one of our older In stock motors please call us at 727-244-4262 or email us at admin@smalloutboards.com.

Current Inventory:

Our current inventory is what is on our main page www.smalloutboards.com . If you do not see the motor you are looking for than we do not have it. Please continue to monitor our website once a week as our inventory is updated every 2- 3 days.


We conduct trades no matter where you are located. In order to find out if your motor is a trade candidate please email us a description and photographs of your motor. We will then give you a trade credit towards any motor on our site. As far as shipping and terms go we will base that on the nature of the deal. Each deal has its unique terms that we (AFA Marine, INC) and the customer agree to.

Shipping Charges:

Shipping varies from motor to motor.


We sell parts such as lower units, powerheads, electronic components etc... If you are interested in new, vintage, and used outboard motor parts please email us at: admin@smalloutboards.com or call us at 727-244-4262.


We are located in the St. Petersburg/Clearwater area of Florida. Our mailing address is :

AFA Marine, INC
10248 San Martin Blvd. NE
St. Petersburg, FL 33702


Our Warehouse is located in St. Petersburg. You are more than welcome to stop on by and see our current inventory. We do ask that you please call 727-244-4262 prior to making arranges to come to our location.

AFA Marine, INC Buying your engine:

We are interested in most outboards for sale. If you have an outboard for sale email us photos and a description. We are always buying so feel free to send us what you have.

Find out your Outboard Motor Value:

We are not interested in fielding questions in this department. Each motor brings on its own value based on several variables including and not solely: age, condition, brand, model, history, etc.

We will not give out outboard values unless we are assessing a trade or purchase credit.

Other Questions:


This page was designed to help answer the most common questions we get. We do not have the ability to take general questions via the telephone as a result of the high call volume we receive. We love to hear from our potential customers and hope that we can provide as much insight into our business as possible. Any questions that were unanswered from this page or if you still need more information please email us at admin@smalloutboards.com. We are able to reply to our customers with general questions much faster and easier via email.