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The following article is of the opinions and statements of AFA Marine www.smalloutboards.com. We do not take any responsibility for the content on this page. The content found on this page is a perspective of our views on "outboard motors". We are merely stating how we feel about this topic. We encourage and endorse all consumers and readers of this page to formulate their own purchasing decisions based on due diligence, research, and various perspectives related. This Article is primarily based on motors under 40hp. We feel that larger motors represent a whole different scenario.

When buying an outboard motor you are presented with many variables such as: 2 or 4stroke, long or short shaft, brand make, and finally used or new. The decision to purchase a new or used outboard is probably the most important factor since it will save you money or heartache. We ask the question is it better to go new or used when purchasing an outboard? The answer.................Yes and No, both have their purpose.

1) Buying Used Outboards.

Outboard motors are some of the most simplistic yet durable works of engineering that man has ever assembled. The same engineering that goes into air-craft engines is applied to outboard motors. If you think about how hard these motors have to work you can appreciate the service they provide. Outboards are constantly being pushed to the limits since they run at high rpm, have to push heavy boats, often run a ground at high speeds, constantly take a beating from waves, and have to perform with the force of water drag. Even with all these obstacles that they must overcome, these engines perform and hold up adequately. A good outboard motor under 40 hp should provide at least 20-35 years of service if well taken care of and used. The reason why these engines have shorter lives at times is because of lack of use or neglect by the owner. There is absolutely no reason for an engine under 40 hp with no manufacturer defects to not provide many years of service. When presented with the option of buying a new or used outboard, if you can buy a used motor that runs good and has great compression we feel that this is the best option. By choosing to purchase a used outboard motor you will ultimately save money regardless of maintanence needed. Here are some reasons supporting used outboards

2) Buying New or Leftover Outboards

There really is not much to explain when deciding to buy a new outboard motor. We feel that the best time to decide on buying a new outboard motor is when a new model type is introduced that has not been available before. An example of this is the Nissan TIDI Direct fuel injection. These motors are very new to the market and have not established a used presence as of yet. New motors have obvious advantages such as no prior use, clean history, fresh start, warranty, and less likely to need major repairs immediately (sometimes). The disadvantages of new outboards are high prices, depreciation as soon as it leaves the showroom floor, break-in period (can't open it up until after so many hours), and sometimes there are miscellaneous charges such as sales tax, rigging, and dealer fees (can apply to used as well).

Rather than buying new we recommend trying to find a leftover model. Outboard motors do not change much from year to year except for decals. Some leftover motors provide the same exact warranty as new motors so it makes the most sense.

Bottom line: Both have there advantages but if you can find a good quality used outboard motor, we feel this is the way to go. Anything you purchase whether it be new or used has the potential to fail, that's a part of boating. Boating should be fun not too expensive.



January, 2003

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