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Spare outboards, otherwise known as kicker motors, are probably as important as your main drive system. Many people who own boats often rely on their back up engine sometime during their boating experiences. There are many uses for secondary motors such as: economy trolling, emergency back-up, and sailboat maneuvering.

Many people who buy small outboards from us use the motors as trolling engines for their larger boats. This is advantageous because it allows them to use the engine for long periods of time without large gas consumption. It also allows for a slower troll than their main engine is able to accommodate. We see this as a common use in places like Lake Michigan where fisherman use kickers while trolling for Trout and Salmon. 4-strokes are popular for this use because they troll quiet and are very econmincal. 2-strokes are widely used as well since it allows for the sharing of a gas tank if the main motor is a 2-storke.

The next use, and probably the most important, is to have an emergency back-up in case the main drive fails. It is almost 100% certain that if you boat on a regular basis you will encounter trouble on the water. Whether you have a brand new motor or a used clunker there are too many variables that surround the operation of a boat motor. An example is battery failure, prop damage, loss of a power supply, blockage in the fuel system etc.. All are things that can happen regardless of the age or hours on your motor. There is nothing scarier than being 20 miles away from shore with an approaching storm and having no means to return to shore.

Sailboaters use kicker outboards as a vital component for navigation. The kicker serves its purpose by providing a means to get in and out of boat slips and docks. When approaching docks it is necessary to have the ability to turn or go into reverse in order to moore properly. Kicker motors also allow sail boaters to get out to open water where they can begin to use sail power. Most Sailboat owners use a 9.9hp long shaft outboard with charging capabilities.


December, 2004

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Looking For An Outboard Motor For Sale? Visit smalloutboards.com