Specializing in small (kicker / portable), new and used outboard boat motors.

A $9.95* Investment will save you $1000's!

Protect your outboard motor from severe elements with

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If you own an outboard boat motor this product is a must! Especially if you boat in saltwater!

Electri-Guard prevents corrosion on all electrical connections on Boats, Cars, R.V.'s, exposed to marine/road salt or corrosive environments.

Its "Brush-in-Cap" applicator makes applying it a SNAP! Electri-Guard is anon-conducting formula which provides a protective barrier between corrosive environments and your electrical connections corrosion free for over twelve months.

Electri-Guard has been tested safe for use on RADIO/G.P.S. or LORAN Antenna connections as well as all transducer connections.

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