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4-Stroke Outboard Motor Vs a 2-Stroke Outboards

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The following article is of the opinions and statements of AFA Marine, inc. www.smalloutboards.com. We do not take any responsibility for the content on this page. The content found on this page is a perspective of our views on "outboard motors". We are merely stating how we feel about this topic. We encourage and endorse all consumers and readers of this page to formulate their own purchasing decisions based on due diligence, research, and various perspectives related. This article does not compare 2 stroke Direct Fuel Injected models.

4 Stroke Johnson Outboard MotorThe decision to purchase an outboard engine is getting more selective as technology improves. As of now the majority of consumers are faced with several options when deciding upon what kind of outboards will best suite them. The number one factor lately is whether to purchase a new or used two stroke or four stroke engine.

2 Stroke Mercury Outboard EngineWhen faced with this decision you must prioritize several features that are prevalent in each motor. For example, two-stroke motors are lighter, faster (in most cases) and less expensive. Four-stroke motors are cleaner, smoother, and more economical. Many people who run in lakes and rivers prefer 4 stroke boat motors because they make great trolling motors and meet the 2006 EPA mandated requirements. Others prefer 2 stroke engines when the need for top end performance and acceleration takes precedence. This is not to say that two-stroke engines cannot troll or four stroke motors are not fast. It's just a matter of preferences, features, and benefits that attract customers. Regardless of what you choose to purchase, if you use due diligence and do your research you cannot go wrong, Below is a table of pros and cons for both motors:

2-Stroke Outboards

More Pollution
Accelerate Fast, In some Cases More Top End
Purchase Price Less Expensive
Must Mix Gas with Oil (Non Oil Injection Models)
Easier to Repair
Rougher Idle than 4 strokes
Have Been Around For Almost 80 Years
Noiser than Four Stroke Outboards
Very Strong Used Market
Harder to Start (in some cases)
Parts Availability
Carburetors gum up if not used often
High Resale Value, High Demand
Spark Plug Fouling
Simple Design Meaning Less Things To Go Wrong

4-Stroke Outboards

Quiet and Smooth
Good Fuel Economy
Often Expensive to Repair
Great Trolling Motors
Not As Many Trained Mechanics Yet (Growing Rapidly)
No Oil/Gas Mixture
Often Expensive to Purchase
Smooth Idle
Technology Still Being Improved
Less Pollution
Very Limited Used Market (Although Growing Rapidly)
Accepted at Any Body of Water
More Parts to Malfunction (Technology Improving)*
Future Production will Be all 4-Stroke or Similar
Most Not as Powerful as 2-Stroke Rated At Same HP*
Very Reliable
Harder to transport or position in storage w/o a stand
*These are based on AFA Marine's Comparisons. We in no way are responsible for purchasing decisions influenced by the material found on this web page. Please do your own research prior to making an outboard motor purchase. This article does not compare direct fuel injected 2 stroke models.


What should I buy, a 4-Stroke or a 2-Stroke?
Well that really depends on your boating situation. Here is list that may help you decide which motor is appropriate for you.

Choosing a Four-Stroke Outboard Engine

Choosing a Two-Stroke Outboard Engine

You really cannot go wrong with either choice. Both motors have their advantages and limitations. Right now you are safe to purchase a 2-stroke motor in most places and not have to worry about being excluded from boating. There are some lakes that require 4-stroke motors but the majority have not adapted these mandates yet. We suggest that you review some of the information on this page as a source of knowledge when it comes time to purchase an outboard motor.


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