Authorized Power Pole Dealer

Power-Pole Boat Anchor
Shallow water anchoring system.

Power-Pole boat anchoring system allows you to conveniently and quietly stop your boat without using an anchor. AFA Marine, INC is an authorized power pole dealer and can install and set up your boat equipped with this device. Powerpole boat anchors come in two sizes: 6ft and 8ft. There is also a wireless remote system allowing you to operate the power-pole form anywhere on the boat. Power-poles make a great tool for stalking fish such as redfish and bonefish. You are able to drift or troll and then immediately stop without making noise or vibrations. Bass fisherman love power-pole as it enables them to quickly and quietly go from spot to spot. AFA Marine is an authorized Power-pole dealer and can install this device to your boat. Powerpole starts at only $1195.00
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Or Installation at our facility Starting at $99.00

Power-Pole Price List For 2014. Power-Pole Sportsman, Power-Pole Sportsman II,
Power Pole Pro, Power Pole Signature Series, And Power Pole Blade 10ft Series.
All Power-Poles except Sportsman include a wireless remote system.

Or Installation at our facility starting at $99.00

Call or email us for other accessories such as brackets, spare parts, or covers.


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