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Welcome to the AFA Marine, Inc. outboard motor web page. We specialize in the sale of used boat motors, outboard parts, and antique vintage engines. Please view our online showroom to get an idea of the type of motors, used lower units, and outboard parts we sell. Feel free to drop us an email If you have a specific question regarding our outboard inventory. We update this site on a daily basis and post useful articles monthly so please continue to check back. EST. 3/2001

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EST. Established 2001
Mariner (Mercury) 90 hp
60 hp Mercury


NEW 2.5HP MERCURY 4-STROKE---$825.00

NEW 3.5HP MERCURY 4-STROKE---$1100.00




NEW 9.9HP MERCURY 4-STROKE--$2195.00

NEW 15HP MERCURY 4-STROKE---$2390.00

NEW 20HP MERCURY 4-STROKE---$2745.00

NEW 25HP MERCURY 4-STROKE---$3400.00

we have every model from Mercury. Call for pricing 727-538-5058


Details About The New Motors


2-Stroke, Remote, Power Tilt and trim, light weight 295lbs, 20" Shaft, Runs Perfectly.

Mercury 90hp Details


20"shaft, 4-stroke, EFI, Power tilt and trim, 200lbs, runs excellent, boat tested, set up for remote.

Mercury 60 hp
4 Stroke Details

Controls $150.00
SS Prop $100.00
Guage $50.00

Used Mercury Fish-Camp Outboards

New and
Used Outboard Parts

Evinrude 9.5hp

1 and 2 Season Used Mercury Outboards For Sale

Used Mercury Fish Camp Details

2014 2hp............ $619
2011 4hp............ $795
2010 5hp....... $909
2014 6hp............ $1120
2014 9.9hp........ $1615
2012 9.9hp Long......... $1615
2012 15hp......... $1660
2014 20hp............ $1885.00

2014 20hp Electric Short........ $2115

2012 30hp Long....... $2245.00


We have Lower Units, Powerhead, Tilt and Trim, Gears, Pistons, Starts, Props, Shafts, Starters...

Click Here For Details

New V6 Lower Units
3 Year Warranty!
Click For Details

2-stroke, 65lbs, 15" short shaft, tiller, manual start, dpont paint job, fully serviced, runs great.

Evinrude 9.5 hp Details


Yamaha 6 hp
Long Shaft

Mariner 150 hp
25" Shaft V6

Johnson 175hp
25" Shaft

4-stroke, 2 cylinders, 20" long shaft, manual start, runs great, fully boat tested.

Yamaha 6 hp Long Shaft



25" Shaft. Runs Great, Perfect Compression, Boat tested, v6, 420lbs. Used in Freshwater, Power Tilt and Trim.

Mariner 150 hp Details


2-stroke, carbureted, 2004, 25" shaft, power tilt and trim, runs great, strong compression.

Johnson 175 hp Details


1956 Johnson 30
Evinrude and Johnson Antique Outboards
1956 Johnson 30 hp

15" Shaft, Fully Restored, Dupont Paint Job, v4, Runs great, Remote Electric Set up.

Johnson Javelin Details

$3995.00 w/ Controls


18hp, 10hp, 7.5hp, 5.5hp and 5 hp Antique outboard motors completely restored. Each motor has a dupont paintjob.

Antique Outboard Details

Fully Restored, Fuel Pump, Runs Geat, 15" Short Shaft, Remote Electric Set-Up, 140lbs.

Johnson 30 hp Details


1957 Johnson 35 hp
For Display
Mercury 150 hp
Johnson 9.9 hp

Fully Restored with a dupont paint job, Display Model (not made to run) Very light weight

35 hp Johnson


2-stroke, 20" shaft, Remote, Power Tilt and Trim, 450lbs, Runs Excellend, Strong Compression.

Mercury 150 Details


short shaft, tiller, manual start, 2-stroke, 74lbs, runs great, fully serviced.

Johnson 9.9 hp


Tohatsu 9.9hp
25" Shaft, Electric Start
Power Pole

1957 Evinrude 35 hp

4-Stroke, Very Low Hours, Extra Long Shaft 25", electric start, tiller, runs excellent, 90lbs.

Tohatsu 9.9 XL Shaft


Shallow water anchor system, you can quickly and quietly stop your boat with the touch of a button!

For more information on Power Poles Click Here.

Starting at
Available in both 6ft and 8ft

Starting at $99.00

Fully Restored, Fuel Pump, Runs Geat, 15" Short Shaft, Remote Electric Set-Up, 140lbs.

35 hp Evinrude

With Controls

Mercury 20 hp
Long Shaft
Mercury 90 hp
25 hp Mercury Jet
Remote, PT&T

20" Shaft, manual start, tiller, 2-stroke, 110lbs, runs excellent, strong compression,

Mercury 20 hp Long Shaft


Long Shaft, Oil Injection, Remote, 20" shaft, Power Tilt and Trim, 2-stroke, 250lbs, Runs excellent, boat tested.

Mercury 90 hp




15" Short Shaft, 4-stroke, EFI, Power Tilt and Trim, Remote, Very Low Hours, Runs Perfect. Freshwater Used.

Mercury 25 hp Jet

Controls $150.00

Yamaha 50 hp

Evinrude 9.5hp
Evinrude 6 hp

2-Stroke, Very Clean, 187lbs, 20" Shaft, Runs Perfectly, Strong Compression, Power Tilt and Trim, Boat Tested.

Yamaha 50 hp


2-stroke, 65lbs, short shaft 15", dupont paint job, fully serviced, runs great, ready to go.

Details of 9.5 hp Evinrude


2-Stroke, 45lbs, manual start, runs great, boat tested, used primarily in freshwater, tiller.

Johnson 6 hp


Evinrude 5.5 hp
Yamaha 2 hp
Johnson 7.5hp

15" Short shaft, tiller, manual start, very low hours, freshwater used, runs perfectly 45lbs, 2-stroke

Evinrude 5.5 hp Details


15" short shaft, tiller, built in gas tank, 2-stroke, 25lbs, runs great.

Yamaha 2 hp


Short Shaft, Tiller, Manual Start, 56lbs, 2-Stroke, Runs Great. Boat Tested.

Johnson 7.5 hp Details


Seaking 5 hp
Johnson 20 hp
25 hp Yamaha
Long Shaft Remote

short shaft, tiller, manual start, 2-stroke, 45lbs, runs perfectly, very low hours, freshwater used.

Seaking 5 hp


20" Long Shaft, Manual Start, Tiller, Freshwater Used, Runs Great, Good Compression, 114lbs, 2-Stroke, Boat Tested.

Johnson 20 hp Long Shaft


long shaft, remote, power tilt and trim, runs excellent, electric start.

Yamaha 25 hp Details


Johnson 5.5 hp
Honda 25 hp
Electric Start
Evinrude 6 hp

short shaft, tiller, manual start, 2-stroke, 45lbs, runs perfectly, very low hours, freshwater used.

Johnson 5.5 details


Short Shaft, Tiller, Electric Start, 4-Stroke, Runs Great, Boat tested, Ready to run.

Honda 25 hp Details




2-stroke, short shaft, very clean, freshwater used, 45lbs, manaul start, tiller. runs great.

Evinrude 6 hp Details



Johnson 15 hp
Evinrude 3 hp and

Johnson 3 hp

short shaft, tiller, manual start, 74lbs, 2-stroke, runs great, only used in freshwater.

Johnson 15 hp Details


Both short shaft, tiller, manual Start, 2-stroke, 2 cylinders, 34lbs, freshwater used, run perfect.




Both short shaft, tiller, manual Start, 2-stroke, 2 cylinders, 34lbs, freshwater used, run perfect.



$495 Each

Evinrude 9.9 hp
Mercury 9.8 hp
Evinrude 5 hp

short shaft, tiller, manual start, 2-stroke, 74lbs, used in freshwater, runs great.

Evinrude 9.9 hp


short shaft, tiller, maual start, 2-stroke, 65lbs, used in freshwater, runs great.

Mercury 9.8 hp


short shaft, tiller, 40lbs, 2-stroke, runs great, used in freshwater, low hours.

Evinrude 5 hp


Johnson 6 hp

2-Stroke, Tiller, Manual Start, short shaft, 45lbs, Runs Excellent.

Johnson 6 hp









Outboard Motor Video
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Our video interactive cd-rom reveals how we:
  • Clean a Carburetor
  • Replace a Waterpump
  • Properly Operate
  • Winterize
  • Inspect Prop
  • Break-in an Engine
  • Gap Spark Plugs
  • Change Lower Unit Oil
  • Test Compression
  • Change 4 Stroke Oil
  • Care after Usage
  • Proper Starting

and much more...........
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Plus we have 55hp Dura Jet video clips and 5hp Briggs video demos!!

This is the perfect video for those who want a step-by-step video approach to outboard maintenance and repair.


We accept Paypal on some orders, Cash, Official Checks,
and Money orders

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